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Offerings focused on product strategy and market positioning for small to medium-sized technology solution providers looking to get noticed by the analyst and investor community.


Influencing the influencers is a critical first step in getting brand awareness in highly competitive industries and driving revenue. Building the right analyst relations program goes beyond paying a subscription. It requires applying expertise and program management approaches that align with trends and technologies to best position your business and optimize how your influence leading research firms like Gartner, Forrester and IDC.


Proper competitive intelligence (CI) can help you gain a competitive edge in your industry. This includes creating the right workflows for collecting data on your competitors' products and services, pricing, marketing strategies, financial performance, and latest social news. Lack of an orchestrated CI strategy increases the likelihood of making less informed decisions, identifying new opportunities, or responding quickly to changes in the market.


In concert with competitive intelligence, Win-loss analysis is an organized and methodical process that requires its own orchestration to provide the most value. Companies that use win/loss data effectively greatly improve future efforts that contribute to completing or winning a sale or avoiding opportunities with lower outcomes for success. While this requires reviewing sales data, best practice dictates an objective third-party reviews to provide the most unbiased assessments.


Positioning involves crafting a distinct image or identity in the minds of consumers for a brand, product, or service. When a product or service is positioned effectively, businesses can more accurately target their customer based on their unique value proposition. As the apex of strategic marketing, well-crafted positioning will guarantee to increase sales, improve brand awareness and expand market share.


 Product marketing involves understanding the product's target audience and using strategic positioning and messaging to boost revenue and demand for the product. Executing this well requires tight orchestrating with many organizational stakeholders. Whether it be working with market analysts, executing product launch or improving sales enablement efforts, we work with you for what you need most.


 In conjunction with analyst reports, creating marketing content from primary research is an effective way to increase market reach that most impacts your bottom line. Since you own all the data in your own research efforts, a custom research project allows you to create and leverage content that is best aligned with your positioning, while creating new channels to start and execute market campaigns.

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